East Meets West Art Exchange

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Edd meeting the 188 Art representatives in his Livingston Studio. They bought 10 paintings and chose 10 more to sell on commission.

Edd Enders visited China for two weeks in September, 2014, to participate in an art exchange and group exhibition in Shanghai with three other Livingston, Montana artists; Parks Reece, Joe Fay and Abram Boise.
They are the first four American artists represented by an international group, 188 Art, who will be hosting their visit and showing them various art studios and cultural and natural wonders in Shanghai, Shangrao and Jiangxi province as well as providing opportunities for the four artists to work in the 188 Art porcelain studio and do some plein air art.

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The highlight of the tour was the group exhibition with twenty contemporary Chinese artists at 188 Art and the opening ceremony on Tuesday, September 23rd in Shanghai. This visit is in conjunction with the Yellowstone Asia Initiative, which brought an exhibit of contemporary artists from China to their only US showing in Livingston, Montana. An “East meets West’ mural drawn by Parks Reece was also completed in Livingston this summer to commemorate the relationship.


Edd (on scaffold) and Parks work on the mural on the Livingston Civic Center

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