Edd Enders Art Illustrates Beaudin Book

edd's art process

10421247_962185437179971_5217623247063352237_nEdd Enders’ artwork illustrates the inaugural publication by Livingston’s Elk River books, Vagabond Song: Neo-Haibun from the Peregrine Journals by Marc Beaudin. The cover features an Edd Enders color painting and his black and white drawing illustrate the interior.

Edd introduces Beaudin's book

Edd introduces Beaudin’s book

The book, “blends travel memoir with poetry to recount the author’s hitchhiking and road trip adventures. From Central America and Britain to the American West and Midwest, the book follows in the tradition of Bashō’s haibun classics such as Narrow Road to the Deep North and Records of a Weather-Exposed Skeleton. Amid stories that are often humorous and sometimes harrowing, lies a strong foundation of commitment to wild spaces, freedom (in all its precariousness) and the transformative power of poetry.”

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Reviews include:
“Here is a poet’s road trip, tracing the blue highways with a dazzling prose that keeps us belted in for the fast passage – a firm anchor of raven, woodlands and the fractured moon on the lake at night. We should all take strength from his impressive traverse.” – Doug Peacock, author of Grizzly Years
“Is there such a thing as free-range literature?
I think there is and I think this is it. These lovely, spirited, freewheeling trip logs are charged with the poetry of motion.”
Walter Kirn, author of Up in the Air

bullington cdThis is not the first time Edd’s artwork has graced the cover of a local creative force, the late, beloved musician Ben Bullingston’s CD Lazy Moon featured an Edd Enders painting.