Edd Enders Art Retrospective Exhibit

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Edd Enders announces the most comprehensive retrospective exhibition of his paintings will take place in Livingston June 18-19, 2021. The exhibit will feature 80+ canvases from 1989 to present and include early work, large scale paintings, self-portraits, urban and rural scenes, and recent surreal work. Many of the paintings have never before been exhibited. 

Note: the paintings in the exhibit will not be for sale during the Retrospective to create a viewing, not buying, experience for visitors. Appointments can be made after the show to visit Edd’s studio and view buyable art in your desired subject and size. Art can be purchased at Two Rivers Gallery in Big Timber, and also seen at Glenn’s Bar.

The exhibit is free and open to the public at the Dink Bruce building, 120 East Park at the corner of B Street, in downtown Livingston on Friday, June 18 from 1-8 pm and Saturday, June 19 from 10 am – 5 pm. There will be a brief artist discussion at 6 pm on Friday, June 18.

Livingston native Enders studied art at Montana State University and has been a prolific full-time painter for over three decades. Widely admired, Enders has collectors ranging from New York to Key West to Chicago to Shanghai and has shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Enders is deeply connected to, and inspired by, the Western environments where he grew up, worked and lives. As a contemporary artist, he is dedicated to not depicting the West as it’s commonly idealized with pristine landscapes and romanticized wildlife, cowboys and Indians. “I want to portray human’s inevitable activity and impact on this region,” Enders says, “In the bigger picture, I hope that in 100 years people will look at my paintings and learn something about this place and time, as I see it.”

Enders sees the world through a compositional lens; perceiving scenes as shapes and colors that fit together in abstract patterns. He works in oil and builds, stretches, and sizes his own linen canvases by hand using rabbit skin glue. These age-old materials and techniques bring a luminosity and durability to Enders’ paintings which will retain their vibrancy for a century to come.    

The retrospective features early paintings, a series of self-portraits which showcase his changing techniques and self-reflection, gritty urban scenes, still life studies, surreal symbolism, and transcendent landscapes. Enders’ use of iconic imagery like roads, crows, fences, and road signs span the breadth of his work. As guests view the art, they’ll be able to identify the arc from Enders’ early phase of looser paint strokes and dark palate, through decades exploring diverse subjects and styles, to his contemporary command of vibrant colors and well-defined subjects.

The exhibit location’s large space and extended hours will allow for social distancing, and both hand sanitizer and masks will be available. Note: parking is limited so please allow time to walk a few blocks.

Learn more at eddendersart.com and phone 406.222.4848 with any questions.

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