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Livingston Montana native Edd Enders was born in 1962, graduated from Park High, and studied art at Montana State University, Bozeman from 1990-1993. Growing up, he spent his free time outdoors observing nature, drawing, camping, and hunting. As a young man he worked on  archeological survey teams throughout the West and as a hunting guide, packer, wrangler and cowboy from Alaska to Arizona. Enders has been painting since 1989 and has been a prolific full-time painter for two decades. Widely admired, Enders has collectors ranging from New York to Key West to Chicago to Shanghai and has shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Artist Statement
My work is inspired by everything around me. As I travel around the West, I see things compositionally; how shapes and colors interact. When a scene moves me—emotionally or visually–I gather information with a sketch and notes. Back in my studio, I use the sketch as a starting place for my oil paintings and choose colors, often abstract, to convey the mood or meaning I want to evoke. My intended statement is often more ominous than my vivid colors suggest. While painting, I focus on Portrait4composition and fit shapes and colors together like puzzle pieces. I often use iconic imagery like roads, crows, fences, and road signs to add both visual interest and symbolism. A crucial part of my painting process is the time I contemplate the puzzle of my next painting while building, stretching, sizing, and priming canvases.
  I consider myself a contemporary western painter. I’m not interested in portraying the West as it’s commonly idealized with pristine landscapes and romanticized wildlife, cowboys and Indians. I am deeply connected to the western environment where I’ve grown up, worked, and lived. I want to portray human’s inevitable activity and impact on this region. In the bigger picture, I hope that in 100 years people will look at my paintings and learn something about this place and time, as I see it.

Edd discusses his work at the 188 Art exhibit, Shanghai

Edd discusses his work, 188 Art exhibit, Shanghai, China

5-9/2015 Emerson Cultural Center, Bozeman, Montana. Solo show “Local Flow; Roads, Rivers, Sky.”
7/2015 Gallery 188, Shanghai China. Group show “Awakenings.”
6/2015 Danforth Gallery, Livingston, Montana. Solo show “Inch x Inch” landscapes.
10/2014  Gallery 188, Shanghai China. Group show “East Meets West.”
1-2/2013 Bozeman Public Library, Bozeman, Montana. Solo show, landscapes.
9/2013 B.Civilized Gallery, Livingston, Montana. Solo show, juniper trees.
9/2012 Depot Museum, Livingston, Montana. Solo show, trains.
8/2011 Phoenix Gallery, Butte, Montana. Solo show, cottonwood trees.
8/2010 Carbon Co. Art Center and Guild, Red Lodge, Montana. Solo show, landscapes.
6/2008 U.S. Bank Gallery, Butte, Montana. Solo show, urbanscapes.
10/07-2/08 Emerson Cultural Center, Bozeman, Montana. Group show, “Figure-Place-Shape.”
10/2007 Danforth Gallery, Livingston, Montana. Solo show, landscapes.
7/2006 Holter Museum, Helena, Montana. Solo show, landscapes.
8/2003 Art and Heritage Center, Miles City, Montana. Group show, “Urbanscapes.”

For regular updates about Edd’s work, follow this blog and like his Facebook painting page.

Photo by Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Photo by Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Contact for Sales & Exhibitions
Business Manager at 206/222-4848 or buzzmemedia@gmail.com

Contact for Interviews & Studio Visits
Email: eddenders@gmail.com
Studio Phone: 406/222-2127, Manager’s Cell: 406/222-4848

Phone 406/222-2127 or 406/222-4848 to make an appointment to visit Edd in his studio and see available work at 106 1/2 West Main, Livingston, Montana.

Edd Enders Art
PO Box 3, Livingston, MT 59047

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