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“Inch x Inch”, April 17, 2015 Exhibit

Red Tree #2 14 x 16

Red Tree #2 14 x 16

Note: painting images seen in blogs may have sold. See currently available work at the portfolio.

An exhibit of artist Edd Enders’ was at Livingston’s prestigious Danforth Gallery through April 21st, 2015 with a reception on Friday the 17th at 6 pm and an open gallery day on Saturday the 18th, 2015. The title of the exhibit “Inch x Inch” is a reference to the fact that Enders builds and paints each canvas inch by inch and that the works’ fixed price was raised for the first time in years to $3.00 a square inch. A percentage of sales from this show will also benefit the Danforth Gallery, Livingston’s oldest gallery and champion of emerging and contemporary artists, a nonprofit organization that survives on donations gathered inch by inch.

Yellowstone River Boat Ramp

Livingston native Enders is a prolific painter who works nearly every day in his studio, not just painting, but handcrafting canvases. He builds canvases by stretching linen on wooden framework, impregnating them with a heated solution to protect the cloth from the caustic elements of linseed and oil paint, and often complements the work with custom built frames. This process and the materials allows light to bounce off the canvas making the paintings both luminescent and durable for decades to come. Enders makes contemporary paintings but uses age-old materials and processes. He invests a great deal of time and funds into the highest quality materials to complement the art he pours everything he has into.

Murder of Crows

Artists don’t often discuss their materials or process, or how sales make it possible for them to keep painting, but it is a ubiquitous reality. Ender’s art prices reflect the investment he makes in each painting’s highest quality materials without charging extra for his unique vision and talent. There are no prints of Enders’ work; each piece is a unique original and so their value as an art investment is only likely to increase. The Inch x Inch exhibit features many of Enders’ most popular tree images and the paintings range in size from 5 by 7 inches to 66 x 42 inches.

Cottonwood No. 198 32×48

Enders has been painting the world around him, inch by inch, since 1989. “I paint human interaction with the environment; I am not interested in romanticizing the West.
While Montana has magnificent landscapes, none are without evidence of human impact,” says Enders. An avid outdoorsman who hunts, fishes, hikes and has a history as a hunting guide, wrangler and archeological surveyor, Enders is outside daily with his dog. “Every day I explore the outdoors and am struck by the visually stimulating way human imprints of roads, signs, telephone lines, fences, and vehicles intersect nature’s imagery of trees, rivers, sky, birds and the changing seasonal colors.” Painting is not just a pastime for Enders; it is his passion, his voice, his craft, his job. Here is a video walk through of the show, the colors are not accurate but it should whet your appetite to see the work in person.

For further information and more images of the exhibit’s paintings, contact business manager Kris King at or 406/222-4848.

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